Lifetime Arts Library Participant Exhibits Paintings at City Island Gallery

Throughout September 2011

Kaleidoscope Gallery
280 City Island Ave.
City Island, NY 10464

Kaleidoscope Gallery of City Island  announces:  Tereza Volpi Fratarcangeli Show and Sale of Paintings

Tereza participated in last year’s “Drawing from Experience”, taught by artist Josh Millis. The eight week workshop series was part of “Creative Aging in Our Communities: The New York Public Library Project”, funded by the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation.Tereza was born in Brazil in 1935, and emigrated to the United States when she was 25. As a senior citizen she discovered her passion and talent for modern/abstract painting. Working in acrylic paint on canvas and/or paper, her work reflects a love for her favorite painter,Picasso. Tereza has exhibited at The NY Public Library, Bronx Senior Centers and The NY Housing Authority Annual Resident Art Show.

Tereza Volpi Fratarcangeli and Ed Friedman, Lifetime Arts' Executive Director


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